Libre Knife Fighting System wurde 2004 von Scott Babb gegründet und ist eine brutale und aggressive Form von knife-combatives.

Libre Knife Fighting ist einfach zu erlernen, intuitiv, anpassungsfähig und sofort anwendbar.

Lee Morrison Blade-Com ist sehr stark beeinflusst und inspiriert von Libre.


"In terms of practice within UC’s Blade-Com, Combative Blade work, UC is most heavily influenced by Libre Fighting, which is a highly researched and tested method of the modern day use of a knife! It looks at how real knife attacks occur within criminal culture, along with how knives are employed within the Western World! Influence from Libre, combined with the wrecking ball ‘Impact with Attitude’ of UC, sees a combination that has been defined by many, as a Wrecking Ball with Spikes!"

Lee M.

Ohne Führungszeugnis kein Libre-Training!